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Gift Vouchers

A Trial Flying Lesson – a truly unique gift

Our trial lesson allows you to experience the thrill of flying and the time flown can be logged as the first step towards getting your Private Pilot Licence!

Before you take to the air you will receive a short flight briefing by one of our very experienced instructors who will explain all aspects of the flight including the effects of controls and exactly how an aeroplane flies.

You will then be allowed to take the controls and actually fly the aircraft!

An amazing gift for anyone of any age - or even a special treat for yourself!    Its a perfect introduction to flying and you will see some amazing views of the Tay and surrounding area - so take your camera!

We also offer a 60 minute Simulator voucher

Why not take to the air without leaving the ground? Try this ultimate new experience from Tayside Aviation. This gift voucher enables you to fly most aircraft from Cessna 172 to a Citation Jet. This is a unique voucher for 60 minutes which allows the recipient to experience life as an airline pilot


Trial Flights

30 Minute flight  for 1 £95
This half hour trial flying lesson is an ideal gift for someone who’d enjoy an introduction to flying. After this treat, they’ll probably be hooked!

60 Minute flight for 1 £165
This Sixty Minutes exercise 3 air experience flight is an ideal treat for a friend or loved one who deserves a unique experience - a perfect introduction to flying.

30 Minute flight for 2*  £115
This is an ideal gift for a colleague, friend or loved one who’ll be able to take their chosen companion with them on this half hour exercise 3 air experience flight. A truly great introduction to flying.

60 Minute flight for 2*  £205
This is a fantastic gift for a couple who deserve a unique experience. Treat a friend or loved one to this Sixty Minutes exercise 3 air experience flight for two. A perfect introduction to flying.

*1 seated in rear of aircraft







What happens on the flying day?

One of our flying instructors will introduce you to your aircraft and explain to you the principles of flight and how to control the aircraft. You can take control of the aircraft and fly it yourself under the supervision of your flying instructor.

What do I bring with me?

On arrival when you come for your flying lesson, bring your valid voucher, your sunglasses and your camera with you and wear comfortable clothing.

Purchase a Trial Gift Voucher

Please click the gift vouchers banner on the upper right side to purchase a trial flight voucher securely on line. We accept all major credit and debit cards except for American Express. We will then send your voucher pack to you by post. Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of the purchase - simply call us to arrange the date and time of your trial flying lesson.

What happens on the flying day?

With a trial flying lesson, you will receive a briefing with an instructor before the flight when you will have an opportunity to ask questions. At this time, the instructor will give an indication of where your flight may take you.

Can I extend my flight?

If you want to extend your flight or upgrade from a two-seater aircraft to a four-seater, to allow someone else to go with you, please call your preferred base - Fife Airport (01592 753792) or Dundee Airport (01382 644372) where our staff will be able to assist.

What happens if it rains on the day?

Flying in light aircraft is weather dependant and sometimes flights are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions such as rain, low cloud and high or gusty winds. Should your flight be cancelled due to the above, we shall endeavour to re-schedule your booking for another suitable time (subject to the validilty of your voucher).

What should I do on the day?

On the day of your flight, Tayside Aviation request that you call your preferred base to check for any adverse weather conditions or any other unforeseen operational problems. It is preferred that you call one to two hours before your booked time, subject to distance being travelled to arrive at the site.

When do you fly?

Tayside Aviation fly 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year - weather permitting. It is not always best to wait for the 'better summer weather', you get some very good flying weather in the winter. To make a booking just call your preferred site where our staff will be able to assist you and get a booking made. If you are requiring a weekend booking, we do require at least a couple of weekends notice, as these are the most popular times.

Can I bring friends and family to watch?

Guests are extremely welcome at both our sites. However, facilities for food and beverages do differ at each venue. Fife Airport has a restaurant, where you can have a meal, snack or just a coffee as part of your experience. Both bases have viewing areas and, subject to staff availability, your guests may be able to take a photograph of you in the aircraft, just ask on the day.

What should I wear on the day?

You will want to be comfortable on the day, so casual clothes, trousers and soft shoes should be worn. Depending on the weather, you may wish to wear a jacket and, of course, sunglasses.

What happens if I can't make my flying experience?

Changes to your booking can only be made with at least 24 hours notice prior to your booking.  Failure to show on the day of your booking will invalidate your voucher. 


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